Welcome to Conversations Coffee Bar

Conversations Coffee Bar is the place to experience coffee like you have never experienced coffee before. Our roaster has literally searched the world for Arabica coffees that meet our standards. These hand selected beans are then hand roasted in small batches. This handcrafting process brings out the subtle flavors of these specialty-grade coffees. Every day, master cuppers Brandon Bir and Dave Eldridge brew small cups of the roast to ensure taste, body and aroma. This handcrafting process brings out the exquisite flavors of the diverse coffee regions around the world.

But the uniqueness of Conversations doesn’t end with its dozens of Craft Coffees and Signature blends. In addition to the coffee and teas one would expect to find in a normal coffee house, Conversations Coffee Bar also brings some new and exciting things to the table. How about Nitrogen Infused Cold Brewed Espresso that is poured on tap? That’s right… COFFEE ON TAP! Or how about a 30” tall glass brewing tower that cold brews coffee at a rate of one drop per second and produces what is lovingly called “the smooth bourbon of coffee.” Or maybe you would prefer the exquisite taste of one of our long leaf tea varieties. Whatever your preference, you will taste the difference.

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